Finding Keywords through Google Trends

I’ve been thinking a lot about “plumbers” lately. Actually, that’s not quite right. “Plumbers” isn’t even on my Google search radar. I’ve actually been searching for things like “water heater pilot light” or “DIY solutions to restart my water heater pilot light” or “WTH is wrong with my water heater”. My wife is probably searching

SEO Case Study

Teensy Tots is an online children’s clothing store that specializes in baptismal clothing for babies and toddlers. They were originally founded under the name “” but changed the name in 2012 to tap new markets like party clothes or holiday costumes. As “”, the company had very high search rankings; however, the domain name and

Creating Your Web Store

US online retail sales will reach $370 billion by 2017, up from $262 billion in 2013 — a 10% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) over the next five years. Competition for online dollars will grow. To compete effectively, online sellers must focus on two critical points: Generate Trust Effective Presentation Download your FREE white paper

Marketing Automation — becoming common practice.

As Visual String helped large companies and marketing agency to adopt marketing automation, now it is becoming more a routine practice. According to BtoB, survey, 46% currently using marketing technologies in some form and another 20% evaluating platforms to adopt. Why? To cut the cost. To make the most out of your limited marketing

Retail Forecast for 2014

The retail forecast for 2014, to sum, is mobile and is Amazon. According to the 2014 WalkerSands “Reinventing Retail” whitepaper, retailers should expect renewed competition from Amazon and stronger marketing headwinds from mobile advertising and customer use of mobile eCommerce. The study surveyed 1,000 customers to determine buying habits and technology use. Retail Forecast: Amazon

Terapeak MySales Provides Free Pricing Tool

We’ve used Terapeak’s data feed service (API) for years for limited, online price checks. It was great to batch check 50 items a month to ensure pricing was inline with the market. We were in and out in a minute. It was an accurate service. It was awesome. And in May 2013, Terapeak abruptly closed