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Local Retailers Sell More by Also Selling Online

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To sell online means dealing head-on with the giants in eCommerce: Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and Alibaba. Competing against them on price or shipping won’t do. Instead, you need a strategy that leverages your core value to customers: being local. 

That’s where we come in. Visual String is experienced in developing successful eCommerce stores. We’ve created dozens of eCommerce stores that deal with the complexities of online sales, payment gateways, shipping, real-time inventory, and, of course, Amazon. 

We can help market your products through search engines, social media, and online advertising and monitor your sales and traffic so you can build your business.

eCommerce Inceases Local Retail Store’s Revenue

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Your advantage is being local.

National sellers like Amazon and Walmart can’t know your buyers like you because they don’t live in your community. However, your local community is increasingly online. Leverage your local advantage with local eCommerce. With an eCommerce store, retailers can:

  • Introduce new products.
  • Give your customers an after-hours shopping experience.
  • Provide customer support right from their phones.
  • Compete head on with national sellers and eCommerce giants.
  • Sell where your customers visit, like Facebook, Pinterest, eBay and even Amazon!

In today’s competitive retail environment, selling online can make a huge difference to your bottom line. It can also make a difference in keeping your customers loyal. We can help show you how to provide the best customer service and build more online sales through a site built and managed by Visual String.

Phase 1


  • Products upload
  • Products photos
  • Product SKU setting
  • Product variables and options setting
  • Shipping module Implementation
  • Boxing strategy
  • Product storage
  • Product description
  • Payment gateway

Phase 2


  • Websites optimization
  • Technical SEO
  • Searchable keywords
  • Google suites set up
  • Social media stores
  • Mobile transactions
  • Plugins & extensions managements
  • Chanel strategy
  • Quickbooks integrations

Phase 3


  • Advertizing
  • Social media strategy
  • Google ads
  • Incentives
  • Email campaign
  • AB testing
  • Influencer marketing

The eCommerce platform we support

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Yes, Small Local Retailers Can Sell Online

Visual String believes in eCommerce for local retail. Having an online store means providing more value to your current customers, and value is the key to growing online today. You don’t need to compete with the big sites or even sell outside your territory. Instead, eCommerce lets you better support your current customers and create more value. And value is how small businesses succeed online.

The eCommerce world is technical and complicated. Having Visual String as a technical partner means you get to focus on your business while we handle the technical stuff.

Partner with us. We’ve been handling the hard stuff of online sales since 2003 and getting results with staff certified in Google Ads and Google Analytics. Visual String is here for you.