Security Week: Free Security Training, Steelcase Hack

PHP Code on a Screen

National Tax Security Week The IRS is using their Fifth Annual National Tax Security Awareness Week (November 30 to December 4) as a platform to remind businesses to be careful of an increase in phishing scams this year because of COVID.  “With more taxpayers and tax preparers working remotely, identity thieves are trying to use

How Covid-19 Changed Digital Marketing in Your Business

Empty Restaurant Because of Covid

In 10 years, people will look back at the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020 and call it a game changer for business.  Companies that didn’t have an online marketing strategy stumbled hard in March of 2020 when the national lockdown was first announced. Without physical customers and with no online strategy meant they were not being

The Pros and Cons of Yelp

Yelp Positives and Negatives

Yelp is one of the many companies that spam call us each week. You can tell they’re spam callers when the call starts with a series of computer clicks or when you hear the background chatter from a dozen other call agents. Those are my queue to hang up. However, this one call from Yelp

Google’s Position Zero

Google Rich Answers

If you want to generate more traffic to your website, you need to think of reaching “Position Zero”. “Position Zero” in Google Search is a featured area that highlights a single web page in a way that people will click your link above anyone else’s page. It’s as simple as this: “Position Zero” means clicks.

2019’s Worst Passwords

2019 Passwords

If one of your passwords resembles one of our top “worst passwords”, then maybe it’s time to change those passwords. And fast. Hackers stole billions of rows of data in 2019. The only thing stopping them from your database in 2020 might be a better password.

Top 5 Free Stock Photo Sites

Riverrock 2019 by Mobili -

Free photos for commercial use abound on the internet. However, if you want quality photos that are also free, your options are more limited. We review our top five free photo sites for quality photos.

When to Choose a Digital Marketing Agency

NYC Media Lab

Once most companies reach a certain size, they look for an outside digital marketing agency that can provide direction the company thinks they can’t get internally. But maybe they can get those resources internally. Maybe their staff has the skills, time and resources needed to handle their current duties plus an online marketing campaign. And

Digital Marketing Defined

Dog in Arctic

Marketing is marketing. It doesn’t matter if it’s online or face to face. You still need to know who is your customer, what they like and dislike and why they shop. It’s the basics of business. For online marketing, those research basics really end with a list of keywords that define your customer.

Spotting Spam Email

Spam Email

I was going through my inbox recently when the subject line, “NEXT OF KIN” caught my attention. I opened. I am contacting you based on a financial opportunity I discovered here in our bank. Hmmm. A “Dr. Charles Weller” writing from “”? How intriguing. In fact, he’s a bank employee with a Ph’D who’s writing

Inbound Marketing is the new “Customer Focused”

Inbound Marketing

Being an “inbound” business is all about ensuring customers have a positive experience before, during and after the sale. It means helping to educate them on your products and services and letting them decide if they want to talk to you. It’s also about recognizing the reality that customers research brands online well before they interact with a salesperson.