Search Engine Optimization

SEO – Writing for People and Machines

Good SEO is a serious way to build your business.

According to Forrester Research, websites that rank high on Google see a big payoff: 65% increase in sales and a 55% increase in brand awareness. That translates to real customers and real revenue.

The trick to good SEO is writing for both people and computers. Potential customers won’t read bad content, but the content won’t be found if it doesn’t appear on the first page in search engines. You’ve got to have both.

Great SEO

Great SEO means optimizing a web page so it drives traffic to it from a search engine’s organic rankings. That’s best done through a set of best practices like on-page optimization, keyword research, and building backlinks. This is semi-technical writing, made specifically for search engines to quickly understand and rank your content.

Great Online Writing

Writing for websites is different from on-page prose. Online, people skim headlines, shy from long blocks of text, and look for images and video. Great online writing means great formatting and using headlines, design, and imagery to reach different types of readers with the same story.

SEO, the VS Way

Visual String optimizes web pages for SEO using a four-step process.

Start with Keywords

Every webpage has a unique purpose, and that purpose is summarized by a set of keywords. We research each set of keywords or collections of two to four words based on search potential and competition. Once selected, keywords become part of a broader catalog of keywords that define a website.

Create Optimized Content

Based on budget, we either create a first draft and work with experts in your company or contract with experts in your field. Experts are always paired with professional writers that have years of experience. We write what your readers want to read to build engagement with your company.

Analyze and Grade

All content is automatically graded against a set of 100 different metrics and SEO best practices each month. We look for SEO problems, broken links, and changes in keyword performance. If there’s a problem, we get an alert.

We also use structured data markup to organize your website and invite Google to catalog. This includes events, products, services, recipes, reviews, and more.

Schedule and Repeat

Maintenance is key for good website quality. Depending on budget, we review our websites regularly and correct technical errors and SEO errors. Google likes regular website updates, so a maintenance schedule is key to ranking high on Google.

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Free SEO Website Review

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