Security for WordPress

Website Security

Hackers look for websites with weak security and poor maintenance.

If you have a website and leave it alone and do nothing, chances are there are some security holes. Guard your website by making sure it follows the WordPress standards for website security.

The WordPress standard is a set of industry standards customized for the WordPress environment. WordPress updates these standards each quarter. Following these standards will guard against all but the most serious intrusion attempts.

The security service from Visual String follows these standards and ensures your website uses the same time-tested practices for online safety.

Our service also makes website updates within 24 hours after they’re available. There’s no need for your staff to monitor your site or learn website development. We handle everything for you.

Defend Against Costly Downtime

You Can’t Generate Sales If You’re Offline

Hackers, spammers and bots will never be customers; keep them out. An  infected website can destroy your marketing and website investment by causing customers to lose trust in your business.

Browsers like Chrome and Firefox sniff for malware infected websites and block customer visits if the browser suspects a problem. Browsers will warn your customers away regardless of how much you spend on marketing.

The investment you made in online marketing may be lost if your domain is associated with malware or unsafe website practices.

A discussion on Internet security issues in (mostly) plain English

Website Security

Affordable On-Demand Audit

If you have left your website alone for a year or more, we suggest you to take advantage of our affordable one time the only audit. We have standardized it for the world’s most popular web platforms.

This is a one time only cost and we suggest you to do so periodically.

Website Security as a Service

Our affordable maintenace service is designed for small to medium-sized companies that cannot afford a dedicated security team. Mostly, small businesses don’t need such a team. Instead, they need to ensure their website follows the most current standards on web security.

In the first month, we will clean your site and review it for security flaws based on the WordPress security standard.

During each following month, we monitor traffic daily and check your site monthly against the most recent version of the WordPress security standard. We help ensure your site supports the most common industry standards to keep your customers safe.

Websites are valuable real estate for companies and targets for hackers. Protect your website with us.