Web Development

Custom Web Development

When out-of-the-box templates just won’t fit.

Visual String builds powerful web applications that meet your unique needs. Our approach is to customize existing solutions to meet your needs. Maintaining the custom web application and meeting today’s security standards can be very costly. Many mid and small-size companies often do not have a budget. We understand your challenge. So we will work with you to come up with budget smart solutions that work. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Our Development Process is Agile

Companies often come to us with a need: a service that’s too slow, a process that needs updates or a way of doing business that needs automation. To make those needs a reality, we use the agile method.

Building the First Version

Using Agile, we first build out your basic concept using wireframes and stories and discussions and sometimes lots of coffee, then we create the simplest version that can go live. If you’re thinking of a web application, it might be the login page and then page holders for the inside pages links.

In each later iteration, we’ll then plan out the individual features that with you, code them into the solution and then test, release, and review those updates with you. This way, as we build out the site, you can change your mind as you can see and work with your project. And changing your mind this way keeps costs low while ensuring that the end product is what you want.

Agile for Maintenance

As time continues, needs change and so should your custom software. We’ll then use the agile process for updates just like we did for building out the core application: design any changes, build out a basic version, get feedback, and continue coding until you’re comfortable that the project meets your needs.

Agile ultimately makes custom software more successful and more affordable.

Versioning and Backup for Success

We store and track changes of every line we code. Your code is stored off-site in a secure cloud service and can be retrieved based on the version you need. If you need to roll back to a specific version of your code, we can make those changes in minutes.

Storing your code off-sight also ensures that your project is completely secure. Should we have a server failure, it won’t effect your project. We just download your backup to another computer and keep on working.

Languages and Frameworks We Support

Coding Languages

Visual String leans towards Microsoft C# and open source PHP development, along with related web languages like HTML5, XML, JSON, JavaScript, and CSS. We code in .NET Core, MVC, or ASP.NET forms for installable and stand-alone web services. For websites, we generally use PHP and WordPress, specializing in both custom plugins and themes and extending current plugins.

For databases, we support Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL.


Besides JQuery for overall utility, we love Angular and React for front-end development. They’re fast and quick to deploy. For front-end testing, we use Jest.