Custom Web Development

Software Made Just for You

When out-of-the-box templates just won’t fit.

Improve How You Do Business

Since 2003, Visual String has built custom web sites and software for companies with unique business challenges.

By listening to company insiders, backing up assumptions with data and building for change, we create software that’s unique to your needs. Our software solutions are always data rich and data connected, giving you research along with performance. They’re also well tested to make sure they don’t break just when you need them.

Agile Method

Deal with Real-World Change

Visual String uses the modern website development method called “Agile”. In Agile, we design the overall solution as a frame and then develop portions of your project in smaller chunks until done.

We build the solution one step at a time and review each change to match the changing goals of the project.

Agile puts customers in charge. It let’s our customers create a vision of the overall project (the design) and then see how it evolves as it becomes a working solution.

Often, seeing software work spawns new ideas for change. Instead of waiting for the end of a project to request a change, agile allows customers to change design during development before they approve that next module.

This is the agile method in action: saving money and helping customers get what they want.

We Speak Your Language

C#, PHP, JSON, XML, SOAP, SQL, EDI: Yep. You’re covered.

Reach Your Market Faster

Our process fits your needs. 

We first design your basic concept, then create a simple version that can go live now and upgrade the live version with the features you want.

Our approach to market invites customer feedback during production. Your project will meet actual needs and not just design assumptions. That makes for more successful projects that cost less over time.

From our earliest live version, we code in analytics so you understand how customers are using your service.

Custom Web Development

Visual String builds powerful web applications that meet your needs. Hire a team that listens and builds budget smart solutions that work.