Google Ads

Improve Google Ranking with Paid Ads

Google Ads, formally AdWords, reaches customers faster than organic search.

Leap Forward with Digital Marketing

Visual String’s Google Ads management service lets you acquire new customers fast.

With nearly 6 billion Google searches each day, targeted ads that appear when customers are ready to buy is smart advertising. But effective ads need to target the right keywords and at the right time. It also needs to block unintentional clicks that waste ad budget. This is hard stuff.

The Google Ad certified team at Visual String knows how to help. We have the experience to target your customers and build an ad program that stretches your ad budget while building your audience.

Better Traffic and More Conversions

Bringing more high quality traffic to your website brings more conversions. When a customer lands on your website and buys a product or leaves their email, that’s a conversion. And it’s conversions that drive more sales, not more traffic. Quality traffic that leads to conversion converts into better revenue.

Focusing on quality traffic is an inbound marketing approach. We plan the buyer’s journey from the ad to the landing page to the point of conversion. Along the way, we educate your audience on your value and build interest in your product and service.

It’s not just about the ad. It’s about providing an experience so customers become more apt to convert.

Know your audience

Instant Results

Effective Google Ads puts your marketing message in front of customers just when they’re searching for your products and services. Quickly know if your ad concept is working and how to change it. Understand what words make the most sense for your customers.

Know Your Customers

Google Ads is a data rich tool that, when used right, can guide your broader marketing program. We ensure it’s tied tightly into Google Analytics to help you understand how Google Ads is supporting your marketing goals.

This ensures you know your audience. With content that markets the keywords that truly represent your brand, you’ll see how what language communicates best with your target audience. You’ll also see how your investment moves the needle on sales.

Visual String’s weekly and monthly reports provide timely feedback that can be used to tweak campaigns and make better decisions.

Your really helped us during a critical time in our development. Thank you for your immense integrity, patience, and skillful strategy!

Janette Girod, Online Marketing Manager

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