Teensy Tots Case Study


Teensy Tots is an online children’s clothing store that specializes in baptismal clothing for babies and toddlers. They were originally founded under the name “blessinggowns.com” but changed the name in 2012 to tap new markets like party clothes or holiday costumes. They also moved to a new eCommerce platform, Big Commerce, from a more restricted service.

The Challenge

As “blessinggowns.com”, the company had very high search rankings; however, the domain name and host change affected those gains. The old domain didn’t forward the old links, so Google demoted their traffic. Our challenge was to help them rebuild from this move and increase rankings.

Our Solution

Visual String introduced Teensy Tots to Real Traffic and Conversions, two concepts in the SEO program. With Real Traffic, Visual String could measure the number of their casual shoppers and real buyers. With Conversions, we could find the path buyers used to complete a sale. These became two important measures of success.

SEO Keywords

We analyzed how Teensy Tots’ content reached customers and broke their most popular text combinations, or keywords, into two categories

  • Core Keywords, or keywords a company has invested with marketing material and branding.
  • Opportunity Keywords, or keywords current customers are actively using.

Our research helped us retarget their core keywords, such as “blessing gowns”, “blessing dresses”, or “blessing outfits”, and helped us locate new opportunities, such as “modern boys christening outfits”. In the case of “blessing gowns”, we found through site metrics, testing, and analysis of the search landscape that “blessing gowns” was more frequently searched and that visitors stayed longer, dug deeper and were more likely to buy. From there, we ensured the opportunity keywords could be found throughout the site and helped build new content to strategically work high opportunity keywords into specific pages.

Accessibility Issues

On the technical side, we knew that improving search engine rankings would be exceedingly difficult while the site navigation usesd images. Those vital keywords were hidden. We rebuilt the navigation with text, so Google and Bing could catalog the text.

The Results

Compared to the 2013 March, 2014 March saw a 480% rise in organic search traffic and a 978% rise in conversions. This includes both branded search (searches for “Teensy Tots” related terms) and non-branded. The site saw additional gains in our “True Traffic” measures, showing that the site attracted more real buyers instead of just unrelated traffic.