Terapeak MySales Provides Free Pricing Tool

We’ve used Terapeak’s data feed service (API) for years for limited, online price checks. It was great to batch check 50 items a month to ensure pricing was inline with the market. We were in and out in a minute. It was an accurate service. It was awesome.

And in May 2013, Terapeak abruptly closed their free API service service. Boom. No discussion or even an announcement.

Terapeak MySalesBeggars can’t be choosers, so we offered to pay for the same service and called our sales representative, Ian, for a price. His response: $600 a quarter, and that was just to replace the free service. He said too many people were gaming their system to price check far more than 50 products a month. Understood, but we said “No thank you.”

Terapeak Again Offers Free

So, it was a nice surprise to see that Terapeak decided to offer a FREE service again, called Terapeak MySales. They’re also throwing in their new Amazon and Magento connectors to allow an etailer to have a full featured, multi-channel window into their pricing strategies, for free. While it’s not an API service (which you might connect to using custom software), it’s still an excellent option for eTailers interested in trying Terapeak.

Additionally, according to their sales literature:

With MySales, online retailers can connect sales data from eBay, Amazon and Magento into one complete view of their online business. For product listings, merchants can analyze revenue, volume sold, average price and sales trends. The free version also allows merchants to view characteristics such as average price, maximum price, minimum price and total listings for up to five products. To conduct marketplace analysis on more products, retailers can upgrade to a premium version of MySales.

Terapeak MySales is a Bit Buggy

We tried to sign up for the service today but it doesn’t appear ready for prime time. For instance, the registration allows you to click submit without checking your password. Thus, if you don’t add your chosen password into the identical password field, your registration appears to be stuck.

Thus, we are waiting for Terapeak MySales to get us unstuck. Again, beggars cannot be choosers.

So, while we wait patiently for their service staff to allow us a full review, please do go to their site and check their Terapeak MySales. Knowing Terapeak, it will be worth the wait.