Smartphone Outsells Basic Mobile Phones

Ecommerce and marketing companies take note.

55% of all mobile phones sold worldwide are now smart phones, according to a report issued by Gartner.

The smart phone lead in mobiles sales is a trend that will upend everything from online marketing to virus protection and virtual banking.

Mobile phone makers sold 455.6 million phones in the third quarter of 213. Of those, 250.2 million are smart phones.

The rising trend of smart phone use also means a declining trend in desktop and laptop computer sales. Information Week notes that PC sales can expect to decline nearly 10 percent this year.

For marketing and ecommerce companies, it’s time to market to mobile.

If your site is not mobile ready, start planning to upgrade it to mobile within this year.

The cheapest way to handle mobile devices is by adopting a responsive design, or a design that adjusts to the device where it’s viewed. Like this site, a responsive design will change based on the width of the browser window.

Getting a mobile application makes sense for some information-rich websites. However, most websites can use a single design that works everywhere without the extra costs.

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