Security for WordPress

Keep your website safe with WordPress security services.

WordPress is the most popular content management solution. Nearly 40 percent of websites currently use WordPress as their software solution. Thus, it’s one of the most vulnerable platforms to hackers.

Don’t take risks with your business. Keep your website safe by keeping it up to date with the latest WordPress security standards.

Lockdown your WordPress site

Visual String checks your WordPress website against the most current version of WordPress security standards. We’ll make your site harder to reach for hackers and more secure for you.

Monitor Your System

Web security doesn’t stop with one session. Websites need to be monitored to ensure they meet changing security standards and to block new attempts to harm your site. That requires monitoring your site monthly for major issues, weekly for security patches and every 5 minutes for active intrusion attempts.

Our monitoring tools review your site and look for:

  • Malware
  • Spam
  • Security software updates
  • Suspicious activity

Visual String’s network of site monitors also look for spam generated by your site. From real-time server failure reports to site reputation alerts, we’ll know if something is wrong.

Recover Your Files

No security can guard against the internet’s ever evolving threats. That’s why a strong backup system is a must. Visual String takes weekly copies of your site, in addition to what your host may capture, and stores those as insurance against a successful intrusion.

With the best version of your site in hand, we’re able to:

  • Restore the website back to an ideal copy;
  • Block all the suspicious activities
  • Clean out a hackers footprint;
  • Close out any security holes.

Protect Your Domain

A Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attack can stop your site by sending too many requests for it to handle. Hackers often use DDOS to demand ransom from website owners. They’re hard to stop if you don’t plan ahead.

Visual String can thwart DDOS attacks by making sure your domain and your website are designed with DDOS in mind. From better domain architecture to distributed services, Visual String can protect your site. Don’t take chances with your site security. Websites are valuable real estate for companies and targets for hackers. Make sure your site puts safety and security first.

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