How to Optimize Web Pages for Better SEO

In this blog entry, we show you how to optimize web pages for better SEO that improves your ranking on search engines like Google and Yahoo. Follow our ten-step checklist for each page on your website. This will optimize your pages and help you clarify your marketing goals.   Ever talk to a business expert

Finding Keywords through Google Trends

I’ve been thinking a lot about “plumbers” lately. Actually, that’s not quite right. “Plumbers” isn’t even on my Google search radar. I’ve actually been searching for things like “water heater pilot light” or “DIY solutions to restart my water heater pilot light” or “WTH is wrong with my water heater”. My wife is probably searching

Choosing Keywords

Choosing Keywords The term “keyword” is old fashion but one where we are stuck with by habit. To be an effective online marketer, use your inner translator to think “key phrase”  or “search term” instead. Why? Few people search for just one word. They instead search for a full phrase that best describes what they

SEO for Busy People Part Two

Last week in SEO for Busy People, we reviewed the top five tactics you should use to increase your search rankings. This week, SEO for Busy People Part Two, we conclude our series with the next five tactics. Again, use these tactics as you have time. It’s best to reserve time for every tactic each

SEO for Busy People

Optimizing your website to be found on search engines is an excellent way to market and be found online. It’s marketing, and we need to market to get our message out there and be found by people who matter to our business. The problem is time. Search engine optimization, done right, requires new content updated

Website Security Against Russian Cyber Warfare

The Russian-Ukraine conflict may seem miles away, but it’s really as close as your website or inbox. According to the US Government, both countries are gearing up for large-scale attacks on each other’s websites and internet infrastructure. Russian hackers may also be getting ready to target US banks and websites in retaliation for US sanctions,

The Heartbleed Bug is a True Killer

The Heartbleed bug may seem like another chicken little moment, where technology companies shout “the sky is falling” and make you feel like it’s a ploy to buy anti-virus software. However, this problem is truly different. The sky really is falling. The “Not So Secure” Internet The Heartbleed bug is not so much a bug

Should I Blog, You Ask

A client recently asked, “So, should I blog?” And of course, I blurted out “Well, heck ya’, baby!” I knew it was wrong the second it left my lips, but like gum on pavement, once out, it can’t go back in. I didn’t answer the question right. This blog entry is dedicated to a more

Retail Forecast for 2014

The retail forecast for 2014, to sum, is mobile and is Amazon. According to the 2014 WalkerSands “Reinventing Retail” whitepaper, retailers should expect renewed competition from Amazon and stronger marketing headwinds from mobile advertising and customer use of mobile eCommerce. The study surveyed 1,000 customers to determine buying habits and technology use. Retail Forecast: Amazon

Why Mobile Marketing Matters – A Case Study

On a Friday in mid-January, my wife backed our van into a five ton trash compactor at about 15 miles an hour. The back corner of the van’s hatch was severely bent and the right rear taillight was crushed. It’s times like this that proves why marketing on mobile devices matters. Mobile marketing provides the